Paulo Bomfim

Using Travis CI

Published on September 25, 2019

Travis CI

Getting started

  1. Create account on Travis CI (example: Github login) and login ( $ travis login OR travis login --github-tokento login with your GitHub account).
  2. Create a .travis.yml file OR when you init travis on prompt, the file will be created. ($ travis init)
  3. Analyze the language version and etc. Edit to your case.
  4. Push new files and analyze pull request.

How to fix Postgres error ?

Add some lines in you .travis.yml file:

> sudo: required
> cache:
> - bundler
> services:
> - postgresql
> addons:
>  postgresql: "10"
> before_script:
> - bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate

How to parse .travis.yml syntax ?

  • $ travis lint .travis.yml

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