Paulo Bomfim

Setup Travis

Published on September 27, 2019

How to configure Rubocop in Travis

  • I defined rubocop in Gemfile.
  • In travis file, the heroku deploy is:
   provider: heroku
   api_key: " "
   app: paulobommfim-nps-calculator
   on: develop
  • The script order look like this :
bundle install`
yarn install --check-files
bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate
bundle exec rubocop 
bundle exec rake test

How to configure Travis with JS application

  • To run yarn in Travis, need these lines :

    curl -o- -L | bash -s -- --1.17.3
    export PATH="$HOME/.yarn/bin:$PATH"`
  • Next step from this work: find solution to connect Github-token


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