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Using Node.js and JWT to authentication

Posted on July 02, 2021

Requeriments NodeJS Npm Insomnia Ep. 1 - Conhecendo o blog/insomnia Acessando ao Insomnia podemos definir algumas requisições padrão de acordo ao nosso projeto: GET/ POST/ DELETE para trabalharmos com…

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Testing Times and Dates in Rails

Posted on July 01, 2021

Testing time Exemplo de código para comparar Time: A chamada do se faz necessária para que a comparação seja totalmente precisa, sem qualquer diferença entre segundos e etc. Testing date Exemplo de…

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Learning MongoDB

Posted on June 30, 2021

Main commands Criar uma coleção: Inserir objetos para esta coleção: Remover um elemento específico: Listar todos os registros: Listar os registros de forma formatada: Encontrar um registro específico…

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Install and configure MongoDB on Ubuntu

Posted on June 29, 2021

How to install MongoDB on Ubuntu Go to MogoDB Docs and read this document Main commands Start MongoDB process : Verify that MongoDB has started successfully : Stop the process : Restart the process…

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First commands for the Linux Terminal

Posted on March 08, 2020

In this post I will write the main commands of the linux terminal for you to learn in a simple way. The main objective here is to enable you to take the first steps in the Unix environment, ok? Let's…

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SSL in GitLab Page

Posted on October 04, 2019

SSL Certifcate To create certificate in Gitlab pages, needs custom domains. But if you don't have a custom domain, the Gitlab recommends to use Let's Ecrypt: free, automated, and open source…

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Creating Gatsby Blogs

Posted on October 02, 2019

How to create a simple blog with Gatsby I created a new gatsby blog with Gatsby library I used the Gatsby Starter Blog to create a simple blog. And I did the tutorial from Gatsby website : Making a…

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Setup Travis

Posted on September 27, 2019

How to configure Rubocop in Travis I defined rubocop in Gemfile. In travis file, the heroku deploy is: The script order look like this : How to configure Travis with JS application To run yarn in…

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Install and configure Rubocop

Posted on September 26, 2019

How to include Rubocop in Travis CI Add commands in travis.yml file: How to configure Rubocop analysis Create a .rubocop.yml file and configure. I relied on some sites and followed standards…

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Using Travis CI

Posted on September 25, 2019

Travis CI Getting started Create account on Travis CI (example: Github login) and login ( OR to login with your GitHub account). Create a .travis.yml file OR when you init travis on prompt, the file…

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Deploying GitHub application in Heroku

Posted on September 24, 2019

Error : sqlite3 don't working The gem sqlite3 does not work in Heroku. To deploy Rails on Heroku, I needed to remove 'gem sqlite' line in my Gemfile. I changed that line to 'gem pg'. --> After this…

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Installing Rails in Windows 10

Posted on September 23, 2019

How to configure PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10 (Linux Workspace) Installing PostgreSQL Install : sudo apt update sudo apt install postgresql postgresql-contrib Verifying PostgreSQL…

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Watching Go Rails videos

Posted on September 20, 2019

Watch this videos and go to my repositories from eaach tutorial Using bootstrap with Webpack and Rails Video. Repository in GitHub. Test Validations in Rails Video. Repository in GitHub.

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Basic config to new machines with Windows 10 operational system

Posted on September 02, 2019

Utilities Install Visual Code from the official website. Install WinRar x64 from the official website. Install Chrome from the official website. Install WAMP Server from the official website. Download…

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Running WordPress locally

Posted on September 02, 2019

Getting started Install MAMP for Mac computers(Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Other operating systems like XAMP, WAMP.. Download and unzip in my sites folder. Configure MAMP to locale web…

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